JoBear Reading Club


Our club is the pride and joy of our operation.  It is the foundation for building our young creative leadership team and drives our projects forward. 


The Jo Bear Reading Club is powered by a flexible team of young minds ranging from 2-15 years of age that love to read and have strong instincts and voices! Our young readers come together to explore literature on a weekly basis. 


Our program is designed to help new authors develop ideas, get feedback on existing ideas and to read books at any stage of the process of completion. Whether your project is a half-baked concept or fully conceived book, we read everything and test concepts, themes and more.


Our focus group is designed to support writers and give them guidance along the writing process. We imagine together to spark ideas and concepts for new books and products that may take you further.


Let us help you along your writing process by introducing your project to our whippersnappers! We read books for ages 2-15.


  • Do you like the characters?
  • Who would their friend be?
  • What do you think they like to do?
  • Is the book interesting to you
  • Is it too short?
  • Does it make us giggle?
  • Does it teach us?
  • How does it make it you feel?
  • Does it keep your interest?


  • Are the kids staying engaged?
  • Do they interact with the character?
  • Do they ask questions about the story line?
  • Do they have emotions on their face during their read?
  • Do they talk about the book again without being prompted?